About Us

Who Are We

The FourthWall Store is an E-commerce vertical of our movie blog The FourthWall was created with the intention of keeping your favorite movies and shows a little closer to you. Currently, we sell small-scale products like stickers but hope to expand in the future with more vibrant products that remind you of your favorite character, quote, or scene from your favorite movie or show.

Why do we do what we do

On days you wake up feeling a little disconnected from yourself, or days you give up on your closest ones to understand what you’re going through, or days you feel just not useful enough, do you turn to your favorite series you’ve watched over and again or the movies in your to-watch list to find comfort like us? Unapologetically binging the series these days gives the peace your mind deserves. And when Monica consoles Rachel on how it is okay to be the mess she is, we get that warm hug we were yearning for from somewhere far away. If not that.. try listening to our very own Mohanlal asking Innocent in the cult classic Devasuram “Enthaado Vaaryare njn nannaavathe?” with that blatant grin, to realize you’re not alone in this! Let the day be for or against you, some shows just can fix things for you and The FourthWall Store is trying to bring these shows and characters a step closer to you. Our brand new collection of stickers from your favorite movies and shows will sure lift your spirits for the day, sometimes saving you the effort to call up your busy friend. Check out our exciting collection and see who you can relate to the most! We bet the prices couldn’t be easier on you for the fun makeover your laptops and other belongings are going to get with these stickers! Is it just me or did you too forget what we are waiting for? Go grab your ones now!

Meet the designer

Our exclusive collection of stickers has been designed by Bibi John, popularly known as doodle.dreamer on Instagram. She designed the Malayalam Movie Stickers and our Pride Month Exclusive Collection available in our store. Do not forget to check out her work on Instagram.