Are you someone who cannot stop talking about a great movie or a show that you absolutely loved? Do you turn to some amazing shows and movies for comfort when you don’t feel a little disconnected from yourself? Are movies and TV Shows your life? Then, my friend, why not make them your lifestyle and express your love for them out loud! The FourthWall Store (E-commerce extension of The FourthWall) has in store some interesting products we designed that will do the job for you. I’m Anjali (you would know me as the author of The FourthWall) and the idea for the store came to me thinking about how we can feel more connected to the movies and shows that made us who we are. Currently, I run the store by myself, with the help of some super supportive friends who have been my biggest pillars.

While I have designed most of the products myself, our stickers are made by a very talented illustrator Bibi John. You can find her on Instagram as doodle.dreamer

So, hop on and check out our set of collections and scream out how passionate cinephile you are!


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