Malayalam Movie Stickers COMBO Offer

Original price was: ₹319.00.Current price is: ₹299.00.

Design Inspiration: Are you even a Malayali if you do not use Malayalam pop-culture references if you day-to-day conversations? Here’s a chance to embrace the Malayali in you!


Bring out the Malayali cinephile in you, completely with this COMBO offer!

  • Size of the sticker: 3×3 inch
  • Premium Quality, Gloss Sticker, Strong Adhesive.
  • Scratch-Proof, Water-Proof, Gloss Laminated.
  • Leaves no adhesive on removal.
  • It doesn’t harm the body paint.
  • Stickers are ideal to use on your Motorcycle, Helmet, Car, laptop, Notebook, and Mobile Phone.


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