Cool Cool- Brooklyn 99 Tote Bag


Material: Canvas Tote, 100% Cotton, Feel less Pigment Printing, Long Handle

Size: 15-inch (W) x 17-inch (H)

Weight: 300gm

Closure type: Open (No zip)

Design Inspiration: When things start to get you, just go the Jake Peralta way; it’s all COOL COOL COOL!


A simple organic everyday Tote Bag for the unsatiated cinephile in you! Get lost in the world of B99!

This super tote is:

  • Strong, Lightweight, and Durable 
  • Eco-friendly
  • Aesthetic and easy to carry

How to use

Use it For Shopping, for Work, School or College, as a Daytime Purse, as a Beach Bag, as Home Storage, as a Picnic Bag, for the Gym, and As a Travel Bag. (Maybe even carry your pet!)


Care Instructions:
Clean using soap and water
Please avoid any chemical application or dry cleaning

These are strong and sturdy bags and they will last well as long as you take care of them well!


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